Seek Him First.

Beth Plyler


"My heart says of you, "Seek his face!" Your face, LORD, I will seek." Psalm 27:8

This verse has come up a great deal in my devotions over the last 2 months, when that happens I truly believe, God is trying to convey some type of message to me. Not sure if its obvious to you or not, but I'm guessing, He is wanting me to Seek Him. Sometimes its as clear as this verse, other times its not so clear so His desire for us is to keep asking, keep knocking, keeping seeking. And He promises to reveal His truth in His time. 

One of the greatest tools, I learned in seminary was a tool my Old Testament professor taught us...When God speaks to us through scripture, He wants us to ask questions back to Him. It seems so simple, but my professor was simply encouraging us to engage God in His word. Ask Him questions, sit and ponder, meditate on the words, sift through the words, look at the original language, the context and all the tools that we have in front of us to engage the living God. This advice has been such a great resource for me in my relationship with Christ and my pursuit of knowledge through Scripture. 

In relation to this verse in Psalms, I knew that God was desiring for me to seek Him, I just wasn't sure if He was being super specific or just general in my seeking. The only way to figure this out is to persevere, sometimes its revealed in a timely manner and then other times it can take weeks or months, even years for God to reveal His purpose in giving you that piece of scripture. 

My family and I are smack in the middle of the foster care process. We actually just completed our final home study and now we wait, we wait for our license and then we will wait to be called for a placement. As they call it in the system, we wait to be added to the "open beds list." And this my friends terrifies me. I know without a shadow of a doubt that we are supposed to be doing this. We have sifted and listened, prayed and meditated, discussed and agonized, prayed some more, cried, etc. You name it, we've done it in terms of deciphering this specific call on our lives. 

How fitting is it for God to give me this verse through this final phase of the foster care process. All I have heard day in and day out is Seek Me, Beth, Seek Me. There's been a lot of anxiety on my part, adding to our already existing crazy life with 3 kids and work and just life in general, so its been especially important for me to Seek God with perseverance over these last several months. And thankfully, our God is gracious and patient. He gives us plenty of time, plenty of chances and plenty of reminders to turn back to Him. And goodness, we are so much better when we are in pursuit of Him and His face. When we gaze on Him and His glory and power rather than our own weakness and struggles. There is a reason, He tells us to Seek Him, there's a reason our heart is home and calm and peaceful when we seek Him. He's got this, He's in control, nothing slips past Him and nothing is too much for Him. And you know what, when my eyes are fixed on Him, nothing is too much for me. He will give me all the strength and energy I need to complete the call He has given me. And all He asks, all He truly desires is for us to Seek Him first! 

BETH PLYLER is a co-owner of Given, a cause-conscious online boutique, with her sisters. She and her husband Wes have been married for 11 years, and they have 3 children, Counts, Reese, and Elsie and Nellie, their Weimaraner. Beth is also the Director of Mother’s Morning Out at First Pres. in Greenville, South Carolina. Connect with her at the Given website or Instagram.

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  • B, you are exactly right! I am so encouraged by your courage to Ask, Knock, and Seek. Fixing our eyes on Jesus is exactly where our focus needs to be. Thank you for spurring us on! Love you!


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